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Oct 5, 2022

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Benoit Cotte

It can feel stressful not knowing what a voice note is about → hence the short text


Before playing an audio message, you may have felt some anxiety, not knowing what it will be about. In the previous iteration, we synthesized the memo's tone with only an emoji, which let too few options to sum up the content of your audio.

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You can now edit any text you want that will be displayed on top of the message, giving your readers (or listeners) a clearer glimpse of your message before pressing play.

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🙏 Thanks to our user Nicolas Dubost for the feedback. He is using Vero to communicate with the developers he works with, and an emoji was not enough to guide them through UI re-works.

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  • You can use the Enter key to validate your message or tap the esc key to cancel it.